Mother Goose Learning Center, II 

708 7th Street

Leland, Mississippi 38756




Mother Goose Learning Center, II

MGLC, was established  in 1997, by Mrs. Deloris Walls-McWright to address the current and future needs  of children, and parents. This service supports the local infrastructure  by providing quality childcare thereby enabling  parents to participate in the workforce.

MGLC provides childcare and learning experiences for children ages 0-5 (including CCDF). Resources in meeting the requirements of federal and state guidelines as they relate to  The Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA) are also supported



Our Services

Mother Goose learning Center MCLC, was established in Leland, Mississippi in 1997 to provide needed childare for working parents. After retiring as an educator, and at the request of parents, Deloris McWright continued her chosen mission of education. The daycare center currently has locations in Leland and Cleveland, Mississippi.

MGLC is owned and operated by certified staff and provides safe, comprehensive learning. Children from0-5  engage in active play as well as structured learning. Mother Goose has a motivated staff, that is goal-centered, loving and cost-efficient. Children are cared for and taught in an environment that is safe, nurturing and supportive. MCGL has an established reputation for teaching and learning that transcends two decades. The CEO and staff are vested in the local communities, and are familiar with parents, grandparents and caregivers.

MGLC can be a factor in your child’s success story!





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